Sunday, July 5, 2009

knowledge: a gift and a curse

being someone with "brains" certainly gives so much advatages. good feedback from mentors, honors at school, proud parents, wider perspective of life and learning are just some of those advantages. but only some "brainees" see the darker side of being such.

some people you consider friends might only be benefit-seekers. some of your true friends could also be your most-feared backstabbers when they became jealous of the things you can do. you can't also deny what you know. you can't spare yourself from being guilty by saying you're ignorant, simply because you are NOT. additional knowledge also gives you additional responsibilities, like always being the leader at group works at school. you can't also blame other people if they can't understand you because they can't just go beyond to your level of thinking that easy.

this is such another evidence that the earth is created in balance. on the other side of the coin, ignorance may also be a blessing, don't you think?

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